UN Climate Change

Technology Mechanism

2021 Progress Report



The impacts of climate change in 2021 have spared no one. Fires are more destructive, flooding events are rampant, and unprecedented heat waves have impacted every part of the globe.

Limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees by the end of the century is still possible, but our success will require transformational change.


Countries are ramping up their ambitions and aspirations for the future, and are ready to embrace technologies that can revolutionize the way we power the world and enhance resilience.

At the CTCN, we know how to deliver proven solutions to the places they are needed most. As countries ramp up their ambitions – and commitments – to meet climate needs, we have helped over 100 countries to progress on their climate and sustainable development agendas.

Technology is a crucial factor in reversing some of the worst impacts of climate change, and a critical enabler in achieving net-zero emissions. From water, food, energy, and urban systems to digitalization and nature-based solutions, we have the tools and practices to implement real change. And the reach to take them global.

Our growing innovation, deployment and upscaling are instrumental in making net-zero a reality. At the CTCN, we are optimistic, enthusiastic, and stand ready to lead and support countries in achieving their goals.

CTCN at a glance

developing countries

climate technology
transfers implemented

12.9 million
expected tonnes of CO2eq
reductions per year

100 million
anticipated beneficiaries

1,24 billion USD
anticipated funding leveraged for
developing countries

experts from 650
technology companies and
institutions around the world

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