About CTCN

The Climate Technology Centre & Network (CTCN) is the implementation arm of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Technology Mechanism. It was launched with the aim of providing technical assistance, knowledge sharing and capacity building to support a wide array of adaptation and mitigation sectors, including agriculture, vulnerability and disaster-preparedness, renewable energy, energy efficiency, industry, water, transport, and waste management. Given climate change’s pervasive and increasingly urgent impacts, developing countries request support in identifying, deploying, financing, and implementing solutions to reduce GHG emissions and improve resilience. The CTCN responds to these requests by supporting all aspects of the technology cycle, empowering countries to meet commitments and raise ambitions under the Paris Agreement.

The CTCN leverages the expertise of its global network of 663 civil society, finance, private sector, and research institutions from over 100 countries in the global South and North to provide customized technology solutions. The CTCN serves as a technology broker, connecting countries to the partners that can provide the technologies, capacity building, knowledge and finance they seek.

The CTCN’s work would not be possible without the National Designated Entities (NDEs) from over 160 countries. NDEs serve as technology focal points nominated by their countries to coordinate CTCN services at the national level.

The CTCN Director provides leadership, direction, and strategy in the implementation of the Centre’s approved programme of work. She is supported by a small team of professional and administrative staff, together with three technical managers based in regional hubs in Mexico City (hosted by UNIDO), Nairobi and Bangkok (hosted by UNEP).