Climate Technology Centre & Network Progress Report 2020
To achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement, technological innovation needs to be accelerated and strengthened so that it can deliver environmentally and socially sound, cost-effective, and useful climate technologies on a more widespread scale. For the CTCN, this means supporting technology innovation through technical assistance, capacity building and knowledge sharing.
  • innovation-Labs
    Launching Youth Climate Innovation Labs

    In 2020, the CTCN piloted a new concept for supporting the development of youth capacities to create climate technology solutions through a series of facilitated workshops called Youth Climate Innovation Labs. Taking place in Africa and Asia, the series utilized innovation tools such as design thinking and artificial intelligence to engage youth, the private sector, and Network members in collaborative technology ideation and innovation.

  • tailored-for-SMEs
    Introducing Technology Clinics specifically tailored for SMEs

    The CTCN also implemented SME Technology Clinics to generate awareness in the private sector of relevant technologies and new markets that can be established through their use. The programme facilitated SMEs’ opportunities to network with international climate technology suppliers, access financing, gain skills and strengthen the supporting policy frameworks in their countries.

    Kenya and Tanzania were selected to host Technology Clinics based on the potential of their industrial SME markets to develop sustainably and adopt specific climate technologies. Three-day virtual matchmaking events were organised in each country focusing on the benefits of adopting climate-smart technologies and the market-related opportunities associated with such technologies. Technology providers shared information on their products and offers, benefits and costing guidelines while financiers presented their funding foci, financing structures and eligibility criteria.

  • New-Climate-Innovation-Accelerator
    New Climate Innovation Accelerator

    To support innovation in climate change adaptation, the CTCN, its co-host the UN Environment Programme, and UNDP launched the Adaptation Fund’s Climate Innovation Accelerator. The 10 million USD Accelerator aims to assist countries to test, evaluate, deploy, and scale up innovative adaptation practices and technologies. In addition, the programme aims to facilitate knowledge sharing and exchange of best practices, thus strengthening opportunities for South-South and triangular cooperation on innovation in adaptation.

  • Adaptation-Innovation-grant
    Awarding the Challenge Program for Adaptation Innovation grant

    The CTCN was also selected by the Global Environment Facility as one of nine organizations (out of more than 400 submissions) to implement its Challenge Program for Adaptation Innovation. Through a grant of 677,000 USD, the CTCN will assist urban planners in Nelson’s Dockyard National Park in Antigua and Barbuda; Chokwe, Mozambique; and Kaysone Phomvihane City, Laos, to identify financial tools and mechanisms for financing adaptation technologies and build relationships between municipalities, the private sector, financial markets, and infrastructure funds.

  • Technical-Assistance-requests-grow
    Technical Assistance requests grow

    In terms of technical assistance, the CTCN received a variety of requests from countries that focused on relatively new technology solutions or adapting technologies for local use. These included the application of unmanned aerial vehicles and remote sensing technologies for vulnerability assessments and response planning in Eswatini; an ocean energy technical pre-feasibility study in Nauru; exploring power to gas options in Laos; and a feasibility study on carbon mineralization in Viet Nam.

  • Spreading-the-word-on-RD&D
    Spreading the word on RD&D

    The CTCN also organised nine events and workshops on climate technology RD&D and innovative technologies in 2020. The Centre partnered with technology experts from its Network to host several events and was also invited to present at conferences hosted by other stakeholders to share its experience on RD&D and innovation. The CTCN also published a paper on “The Role of the Climate Technology Centre and Network as a Climate Technology and Innovation Matchmaker for Developing Countries” in the journal Sustainability.